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Thompsons Group
Branding, Marketing and Website

The Thompsons Group is the UK’s No.1 tipper bodybuilder; the market leader that builds and sells more bodies than all its competitors combined. Thompsons started in East London over 40 years ago, and is now a truly national business with factories in Croydon, Blackburn, Dover and Edinburgh.


What started out as a small project, became a complete rebrand of the No.1 tipper builder in the UK. Thompsons are a slick forward thinking engineering company. They needed a redesign to the existing logo and 4 new logos for the other companies within the group.


The design had to work across all brands as well as any future sectors. They had to be clean and simple in structure, so it could be replicated on multiple areas throughout the company; such as truck graphics, literature and signage.

Thompsons joint managing director Simon Shields, who lead the whole process, said - 'the new Thompsons branding looks fantastic on our tippers and signage. All our brands now have a fresh ultra modern look throughout, and communicates our quality for the future.' 

Thompsons Logos_V2.png

Thompsons brand logos

Thompsons Corporate Guidelines_manual team.jpg

Thompsons brand guidelines hard back brochure

Company video showing inside the factories

Charlton-SuperLite-Enhanced copy.jpg

The product images have retouching and colour editing to enhance the photography

Thompsons website screen.jpg

Thompsons new company website

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