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Smoothie logo vector points.png

Smoothie Maker
Packaging design

Designing packaging usually starts with a great product and for the Smoothie Maker the client was open to various ideas of a brand logo that epitomised the name Smoothie on the move. We came up with this hand lettering design that the client loved, this led design ideas for the look of the packaging. The final design chosen was a bright and colourful design with a clean light finish, the photography needed to echo the design so with retouched and saturating the colours created the desired effect.


If the budget allows, we like to visualised just how the packaging would look, so for this product we created a 3D render of the gift box on the pay kiosk. This process helps everyone in the team to make the final decision to go to production.

Smoothie logo vector colour pic.png

Logo design for the Smoothie Maker on the move

Smoothies on kitchen top.jpg

Product photography

Smoothie Maker Box.jpg

Smoothie Maker Packaging artwork

Gift Box_Smoothie-Current View.jpg

Smoothie Maker 3D render

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