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University_of_Bolton_Certificate_Close up.png

Personal promo

When it comes to lettering and type I'm totally mesmerised by how it looks and how it's been crafted. This obsession translates to some of the design work for clients when creating a brand or packaging design. The certificate was just for a personal project that was inspired when I had seen a post on social media. I thought I'd design something a final year student would be proud to display in their home or office.

Here's how I work with a pencil to sketch out the design using trace paper. I then import the sketch to the iPad and like many artists we use Procreate to further the design. The final artwork is vectorise in Adobe Illustrator so it can be used at any size without loss of quality.

University pencil sketch.jpg

Pencil sketch on trace paper

Procreate on iPad Pro drawing up the sketch

Vector handles lettering.png

Vectorise the lettering

Certificate in frame

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